I'm Eric! I'm the owner and lead photographer of Modern Frames Photography. I started this business in 2013, and have been going strong ever since! I love what I do!

What is my style of/approach to wedding photography?

Great question, Internet friend! I like to say in three words, my style is "Real. Artful. Vibrant". Tacky tag-lines aside, my main approach is documentary, or photojournalistic. Meaning I want to create an artful, frame-able, image of real moments, as they happen. I do not do a lot "posing moments".


That said, for portraits (the artistic images of usually just two people) I will direct you where to stand, and how to position yourself... BUT I will NOT say "kiss", "dip", "twirl", etc. The way I set up portraits, it doesn't matter if you go with a smoldering/model look, or you can't hold it together, and you just crack up. Both will look great! 

Why is your company named like a studio, but you're one guy?

Another great question! I started my business a little while ago, and the name seems to have stuck. I could just have easily named my business "Eric Alexander Photography", but I didn't! If you want to know the longer story, just ask!

However, if I am booked, I do also have some amazing, badass, associate photographers we can talk about photographing your wedding -- I will still edit all the images!


What are some interesting things about you?

Oh boy -- where to start. Most importantly, I live with my incredible partner, biggest fan, and favorite human; my wife Alisa! We also have a freaking adorable doggo, named Jinx (he's a Rat Terrier). I LOVE dogs (and all furry creatures!). I went to college for music recording and engineering, but early on, I learned a hard lesson --  I wasn't that good! Eventually I landed a job working as a sales representative for local hotel group. They really took care of me, and helped me improve all aspects of my life. But in 2013, I said "see ya later, alligators" and left start this rad business! A few other mildly interesting things: I like craft beer (especially barrel-aged stouts -- my fave being Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout), I am on the path to my black belt in Taekwondo, I love musical theater, and seeing the world with my boo!

If you like the cut of my jib, then PLEASE fill out the contact form below :)

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