FAQs and Tips

If you have looked up "What questions should I ask my photographer?" -- I'm going to try to answer all of those for you, right here. Right now. 

Also, scroll along for some fun tips from me! Like "What should I wear to my engagement session?" or "Do I really NEED a second shooter?" or "How much photography coverage do I need?" and more!


Do I need a shotlist?

Nope! About 6 weeks ahead of the wedding, you'll receive a questionnaire from me which will confirm all the event locations and vendors. The only "shot list" I recommend is putting together a list of family members for family formal photos, to expedite the process and help it run smoother!

What should I wear to my engagement photo session?

Great question! I get asked this a lot. I do not have a lot of requirements for this, but my general advice is: Wear something that you think you look good in. It may not be necessary to buy a new outfit just for the photos, unless you love how you look in the new outfit! You can definitely bring a few changes of clothing if you'd like! (most typical is a formal look and a casual look) ACCESSORIES ARE KING! Bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, cute hats, scarves, watches, etc. They all look great and add a lot of depth to the images! Don't worry about all solid colors or heavy matching! Anything you wear is not going to be a problem for my camera, and /patternsgraphics and vibrant/bold colors are encouraged! A nice, clean pair of shoes (doesn't have to be dress shoes -- clean Vans look just as good as clean Jimmy Choos!) Anything you wear is going to be great. Band T-shirts, bright yellow jumpsuits, jeans, sneakers, dress shoes, suits, sun dresses, tank tops, leather jeackets etc. It's all gonna be great! Here are a few examples! What to wear to engagement shoot?

Should we do a "First Look"?

That's really a tough call. Some people don't want to do one, and you certainly won't encounter me PUSHING you to do it! Here are my reasons why I LOVE "First Looks": 1. They are IMMENSELY efficient when it comes to time. Often on the wedding day you'll find there could be a lull of an hour or more before the ceremony, after all hair and makeup is done, everyone is dressed and ready to go. So doing a first look allows for FAMILY PHOTOS, PORTRAITS, FULL BRIDAL PARTY PICS, and any other photos you want together or with family! 2. YOU GET TO ENJOY YOUR COCKTAIL HOUR! -- The most common reason there even IS a cocktail hour is give your guests something to do while you do those family photos, portraits, and bridal party pics. So by already doing them (or taking less time) you get to enjoy that time with all your guests! 3. Emotion. Because of the literal surprise aspect of a First Look, there is so much more smiling, shock, crying, than when you catch each other from the ends of the aisle. THAT SAID: I still think you should do whatever you want! Preserving tradition and mystery is still so fun, and great! Whatever you choose, it will be captured perfectly :)

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