Bear Chase Manor and Brewery Wedding Photos

Okay everyone, Christine and Mike are a testament to the axiom "the bride and groom set the mood". They were SOOOO chill, fun, and perfect hosts, it was just perma-grin for the entire day! From the very first second I read their email inquiring to hire me, I could tell I was in good company. Any intro email that says they love my use of the word "doggo" or "the groom can recite all 150 original Pokemon from memory" (or their case, BOTH) is enough to get me pumped up!

Bear Chase Brewing Co. and Bear Chase Manor are DOOOOPPPPEEEE spots to just go and spend the weekend. But for an intimate wedding with just your closest friends and family, it's another level of awesome. I walked in and felt at home (literally) with how I was welcomed into the tribe immediately. I know it looks like a mundane family photo, but the photo of Mike and his parents where they are holding props from the house is one of my favorite things ever!

This wedding was just a dream and super fave event that I was honored and privileged to photograph. I could go on and on, but I know most people don't even read these little paragraphs so on to the show!

Just the last bit of info before the photos... The vendors involved:

Pre-wedding | Ceremony | Pool Venue: Bear Chase Manor

Reception Venue: Bear Chase Brewing Company

Hair stylist: Jenny's Salon

Florals: Bee Wings Farm

Catering: Mike's Mom -- I wish you could hire her, but it was a labor of love only!

Photos by ME (Eric @ Modern Frames Photography). Peace!

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