Rohit & Anjali - Hyatt Chesapeake Bay Wedding Photos

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

This wedding weekend was just filled with love, good food, and really good times! The Hyatt Chesapeake Bay Hotel was just a stunning and gorgeous venue for every single part of this wedding. I first met Anjali and Rohit a last year and we got coffee in Odenton, MD, and just hanging out sipping coffee, I could already feel the excitement and energy. Rohit himself is an avid photography fan, so it was extra special to be chosen! I was so thrilled to have my team and I to be the photography team. I'm going to take this blog slowly and break down the whole weekend so you can fully immerse yourself and be taken back to that weekend just one month ago <3

Of course they are beautiful people, and their friends and family, equally so. But another crucial aspect of a perfect wedding, is.... THE VENDORS! And here they all are :) Venue: Hyatt Chesapeake Bay Hotel

Caterer: Moghul Catering

DJ & MC & Dhol: MVP DJs

Mehndi: Bhavna's Henna

Video: Mike Simons Video

Planning & Decor: Glamorous Event Planners & Productions

Makeup & Hair: Glam.N.Glow Artistry

Shelby Cobra (Baraat): Imagine Lifestyles

Starlight Dancefloor: M4U Events

Wedding Guest Mehndi: Your Face Is My Canvas

So let's break down how incredible this weekend was. Bridal Mehndi

If you don't know, the secret to a beautiful, intricate, and DARK henna stain, is to get it done several days in advance. Which means the wedding wedding weekend starts on Thursday :) So I drove out to Anjali's childhood home and met my favorite mehdni artists, Bhavna's Henna! And you can just see all the gorgeous detail in the following images. Check it out! (and continue on to see more of the wedding weekend!)

Pre-Wedding Events:


Moving on! The next morning, I met up with the guys at the golf course at the Hyatt Chesapeake Bay. Though we had a short little bout with the weather, it didn't manage to bring their spirits down at all!

Pre-Wedding Puja(s)

The priest for the wedding needs to make sure that all blessings are line, and that both the bride and the groom, are fully prepared emotionally, and spiritually for next day's wedding ceremony. Mike (Mike Simons Video) and I popped in on Rohit's ceremony earlier in the day on Friday (after hitting the links), then later on we were able to capture the same ceremony (with a few differences) for Anjali!

Check it out! Can you spot the differences?

And Anjali's puja...


Now we're getting to pre-wedding party. The Sangeet is the official start to the wedding festivities, but it is a critical event to have because you get to see all the friends and family whom have traveled from all over the world to join you for your special day, and you want to see them, talk to them, and have fun. Here it is! In all it's glory!



Then We wake up bright & early and it's time for the big day! Hair, makeup, coffee, tea, snacks, ironing, safety-pinning, and more. It's all a fun and awesome process to be present for!

Then we have the first look....

Then we hang out for a bit, grab some delicous brunch, and into the Baraat!!!

Then the ceremony, which was absolutely perfect!!

Then, after all that is said and done, everyone goes and changes, and prepares for the best party ever!!!

That's a wrap! If you made it all the way down to here, then you win :)

Photos by me! Modern Frames Photography (You're ON MY PAGE NOW!)

Much love! And congrats to Anjali & Rohit!


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