Old Town Alexandria Jones Point Park Engagement Photos

When you're thinking of locations to do your engagement photos, I always suggest to my clients to think of places that mean something to them. It can be as easy as "we love how pretty this place is" to as deep as "this is where I was proposed to, and I loved everything about that, so I want to do photos there". Or something like that! What matters MOST for engagement photos however, is to bring the love and happiness :)

Angela and George chose their engagement session location PERFECTLY! We met at a restaurant/lounge that they love to go to frequently. They got a little loose with a drink. And then we were off around the beautiful downtown Alexandria. There are a lot of beautiful and popular locations in Old Town Alexandria, but just because they are popular doesn't mean a stuffy artist like myself will turn their nose up! I try to photograph it DIFFERENTLY from how most photographers might photograph at a given spot though. For instance, my favorite photo at the iconic cobblestone road actually doesn't include the cobblestones at all. Just the awesome fall foliage tunneling over the street.

Then from there we ventured to Woodrow Wilson bridge and Jones Point Park which was AMAZING! A cute little white house with pretty greenery (or fall leaves if you time it right), Maryland/DC/VA border markers, airplanes flying overhead, and the totally rad architecture of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge!

Take a look at a few <3

Photos by ME (Eric at Modern Frames Photography!)

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