Jay & Alvin: Poplar Springs Manor Wedding Photos - Warrenton, VA

This wedding was really unique because of two things:

1. It was Alisa's last wedding photographing. She is now a co-owner, and marketing/communications person. It's a good move -- no one be sad, she's not!

2. Jay (the Bride) has actually been Alisa's hair stylist for 5 years. So it was extremely personal for us :)

It wasn't an overly hot day for late August (which was a blessing!), but these two, and their friends and families, brought the FIRE! They got ready together, stopping to kiss each other every few minutes, they wanted a long portrait session, which was so fun, and they had such a heavy hand involved in every aspect of the planning, decor, and even dessert!

Jay of course had the best hair and makeup, and Alvin, being a pastry chef, made the most incredible truffles for everyone! Their friends and family were there to change the covered tent to a dreamland, and make the day/night absolutely magical. It was so fun, and I hope you enjoy the pics!

Venue and Catering: Poplar Springs Manor

Everything else (DJ, Decor, Dessert, etc.): Their friends and family!

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