Varsha & Phil Hyatt Regency Bethesda Wedding Photos

OOOOOHHHH EEE!!!! I met with Varsha and Phil a while ago, and it was so fun to fall right back in to how much we bonded and gelled from our very first interaction! I also got to bring along a second shooter that I have worked with many times before (as his second shooter) so it was real fun to be the boss! Where to begin? This wedding just had it all. All the love, all the tears, all the giggles, all the GORGEOUS details, and of course, all the color! From the minute I walked in the Hyatt Regenecy Bethesda, I saw that they had added a new crazy wavy art fixture on the wall, which was just a really incredible splash of fun on the minimalistic architecture inside. Then going in to both the rooms for Varsha and Phil, the energy was just brimming. From observing the fun ways to remove bangles (using plastic bags), to the groomspeople having a blast and cracking up, the day was off to a great start. The best part of being MY STYLE of wedding photographer, is that I don't show up with ANY preconceived ideas or specific photos that I MUST take. So when we became a little crunched for time for the first look (which is NEVER a problem!) I just said "why don't we do it up here in the hotel room on the balcony?". That way my hopes and dreams weren't dashed upon the rocks when we couldn't really go all the down and outside into the city. But as you can see, later in the night, we still made it out there anyway :)

My two favorite unique takeaways from this wedding, was the fact that they didn't do an engagement ring, just beautiful Brilliant Earth wedding bands, and that's it; and their wedding ceremony traditions. Blending of two cultures into one cohesive ceremony is no easy task, but their officiant put together the perfect ritual! In the both the Jewish and Hindu traditions, there is a lot of emphasis on the number 7. And that was presented in their ceremony, 7 steps around the fire, 7 blessings, and of course they had a glass smash, and garlands. Just stupendous all around!

And of course, the rest of the day was flawless as well. If you don't believe me (and I know you do). Just check out the rest of the pics below! <3


Venue - Hyatt Regency Bethesda

Decor/Flowers - Maryam Flowers

DJ/Entertainment - Mixing Maryland

Hair & Makeup - Vedic Spa

Cake - Classic Bakery

Caterer - Bollywood Bistro

Video - Quixotic Worx

Photos by Eric DeHaven - Modern Frames Photography

Wedding Photographer based in the Baltimore metro area (DC and Virginia too!), and across the USA
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